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Ragdoll Princess Kittens Available

Ragdoll Kittens Available: Welcome

🖤 Follow us and engage with our Ragdoll Princess Instagram @ragdollcatbreeder to see many reels (videos) and photos of our Ragdolls and kittens. Please note, we don't post every litter and kitten on Instagram. And we often post kitten's photos and videos retroactively. We do not receive new DMs, if you are seriously interested in one of our future kittens, please contact us here through our website.  

🎀 Ragdoll Princess kitten availability is subject to change, please contact us for details. 🎀 

Please review our full adoption process and additional details as listed below in advance of contacting us. 

👑 If you are interested in a Ragdoll Princess kitten, don't hesitate to reach out and learn about our upcoming pairings and kitten availability. Planning for your future family member in advance by joining our waitlist is the only way to guarantee a spot in one of our upcoming litters.

👑 It is best for kittens to go home in littermate pairs, so please let us know you're looking for two kittens when contacting us.

👑 Waitlisters are first informed of the upcoming available kittens around 12-16 weeks old after we've had time to evaluate them and have an estimated spay/neuter date for the kittens (and they do not go home until they are around 16-18 weeks or 4 months old)

👑 Ragdoll Princess kittens will primarily be bicolors with some mitted in variations of blue, lilac, chocolate, cream, and flame some with lynx and/or tortie overlays.  

👑 Ragdoll Princess will be evaluating kittens in all of our upcoming litters to stay within our breeding program. 

👑 If you are awaiting your Ragdoll prince or princess or are curious what products we suggest for new Ragdoll cats and kittens, please review Kitten/Cat Products We Recommend Purchasing to prepare for your new family member. 

⭐ For Texas residents and nearby states, we are willing to help reduce your travel/drive time to get your kitten. Ask us for details. 

✈️ We're also happy to coordinate delivery of our kittens to any state in the continental US (in cabin only, hand delivery) for an additional fee.

Ragdoll Princess Adoption Process is Outlined Below: 

  1. Fill out the contact us form below explaining a little bit about yourself and what you're looking for

    • Be patient and await our response
  2. Ragdoll Princess will email you back confirming if you're a good fit and ask you to fill out our pre-adoption questionnaire

    • *Important* If you do not receive a response from us within a few days, check your spam. You may also fill out our contact us form a second time in case the email you typed in had a typo, as we're unable to reach you without a valid email address

    • At this point, you receive our price range estimates as it varies by individual kitten's quality, color, pattern, and adherence to breed standards​​

  3. Fill out our pre-adoption questionnaire accurately and to the best of your ability, because we will plan which litter you'll fit into based on the colors, patterns, timing and price range you select. At the end of our questionnaire, you'll determine which list you'd  like to join:​

    • Waitlist 

      • If you want to join our waitlist, it is a $400 non-refundable deposit which will go towards your future kitten's total cost. This does not jump you ahead of those already on the list, but we will offer you a kitten when we have one matching your description. If you are not picky, it's more likely that you will be slotted for a kitten sooner

    • Email Notification List

      • We've temporarily re-opened our email notification list since our kitten availability is often months out, but it does not guarantee a kitten as our waitlist does. Our waitlisters who paid deposits in advance get priority. 

  4. Ragdoll Princess will notify you if we have an available Prince or Princess to offer who matches what you wished for (as long as you request within the colors and patterns we are able to produce) once the kitten is 10-12 weeks old and we've finished evaluating him or her

  5. Respond to Ragdoll Princess in a timely manner as kittens do go fast

  6. Once a kitten is selected, Ragdoll Princess will send you our contract for review and signature to reserve your kitten. If you're on the email notification list and have not paid a deposit, you'll asked for a $400 non-refundable deposit to reserve the kitten at this time.

    • ​Our deposits are applied to the total kitten price

  7. Once the contract is signed by both you and Ragdoll Princess, and you've paid the deposit, your kitten is considered reserved

  8. After your kitten has been spayed/neutered and received necessary rounds of the FVRCP vaccine (usually around 16-18 weeks old), Ragdoll Princess will agree to release your kitten and determine a day for you to pick up your kitten​

  9. Prepare your home for your kitten by purchasing cat trees, litter and box, food, toys, and any necessary kitten proofing 

    • We recommend setting up a "safe room" or separate area/room of your home for the first few days​​ including all of the above supplies for your kitten to get acclimated

  10. Receive your Ragdoll Prince or Princess. The remainder of your kitten's cost is due when you receive your kitten

    • ​​Your kitten comes with a little goody bag that includes our contract, vet records, TICA registration paperwork and a sample of his/her food to ease them into your home

  11. ​Live happily ever after with your new family member 

Additional Details:

  • All of our Ragdoll cats and kittens are TICA registered.

  • All of our Ragdoll cats are genetically confirmed HCM and PKD1 negative, so they cannot pass the genetic markers for those diseases to their offspring.

  • Ragdolls are pedigree cats and are not "cheap." Many people reach out to us after getting scammed. Read how to avoid being pet-scammed on our blog. 

  • As stated above, we hold onto our kittens until they are 16-18 weeks of age and socialize these precious regal kittens from birth. This allows our kittens months of valuable time learning from their mother and playing with their siblings as well. After months of mama, sibling time and tons of human love and affection, these proper Ragdoll kittens are released to go home. 

  • Our Ragdoll kittens come with at least two rounds of the FVRCP vaccine completed, spay/neuter, TICA blue slip registration, and a little Ragdoll Princess goody bag designed to ease them into their forever home.​

  • Every buyer will need to review and sign a kitten contract (example terms, no declawing, indoor cats only, etc.)

  • We are not offering kittens for breeding to new or upcoming catteries at this time.​

  • We are a closed cattery for the protection of our Princes and Princesses. We offer Houston area deliveries and pickup and work to accommodate our customers in other Texas cities as well. 

  • We are do not offer stud services. 

  • We love our out of state customers and have placed many Ragdoll Princess kittens across the US! To get your Texas Ragdoll kitten, our preference is for our customers to fly to one of the Houston airports where we'll drive the kitten to you at the airport for him/her to fly in-cabin home with you. If you do not want to come to Houston to retrieve your kitten, we can fly to hand-deliver to your nearest airport for separate delivery fee. Your kitten will fly in-cabin (not cargo) and the estimated cost is $350 - $600 depending on flight cost and your location (only includes continental US).

Ragdoll Princess reserves the right to the first picks of any and all Ragdoll Princess litters for furtherance of the breed and our breeding program.

Ragdoll Kittens Available: Text

Interested in a Ragdoll Kitten? Contact Ragdoll Princess

👑 Don’t hesitate to get in touch to tell us about yourself and the Ragdoll kitten of your dreams. 👑

Thanks for your interest in our Ragdoll kittens. We will get back to you soon!

Ragdoll Kittens Available: Contact
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