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Our Ragdoll Cats

Meet the beautiful Ragdoll cats we love on in our luxury Ragdoll cattery. Our princes and princesses are all TICA registered, purebred Ragdolls who are health/genetically tested HCM and PKD negative and up-to-date on all vaccines. Ragdoll Princess cats are pampered, not caged and treated like royalty because that's what they are. We specialize in bicolor Ragdolls and can produce the rarest colors and patterns of them all. If you're interested in learning more about Ragdoll color and pattern varieties, check out our blog


Princess Elsa

blue point bicolor


Princess Ariel

blue/cream point torbie (lynx) bicolor

Princess Raya

chocolate/flame point tortie bicolor (carries dilute)


Princess Odette

lilac point bicolor (high white)


Prince Caspian

lilac point bicolor


Prince Luca

lilac point bicolor

Our Ragdolls: Females
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