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About Ragdoll Princess

Breeding Luxury Ragdoll Kitten Princes and Princesses

Ragdoll Princess Logo

Ragdoll Princess is a boutique TICA registered Ragdoll cattery in Houston, Texas. We have been celebrating and loving on Ragdoll cats since we adopted our first Ragdoll kitten in 2000. We socialize and love on our kittens from birth to ensure that our kittens are the people-adoring Ragdoll kittens you expect. Being a small boutique Ragdoll breeder allows us to spend time nurturing and loving each individual kitten to make sure their personalities have started to blossom before they are at their forever home. You can see if we have kittens available on our Ragdoll Kittens Available page. This is where we post the Ragdoll kittens we are selling or the Ragdoll cats that are available for sale. When you adopt one of our kittens, you will see the difference in our cattery because we focus on continuing the Ragdoll cat breed tradition of kittens with floppy dispositions, extremely sweet personalities, and exceptional looks. The early months of kittens’ lives shape their personality and behavior for the rest of their life. While the Ragdoll cat breed produces very sweet personalities and temperaments genetically, we strive to optimize those features and produce socialized, well mannered kittens by raising them in home with their mother, other pets, litter boxes and cat scratchers for the first three months of their lives. This is a crucial step in the development of our Ragdolls, where they learn a lot of their good habits and social behaviors. We don’t cage our cats, and we socialize the kittens in our home as if they are part of the family...because they really are. We don’t just breed and sell Ragdoll cats, we invest in them by giving the best possible start in life and making sure they go to the amazing forever homes. Our Ragdoll Princess kittens are treated like royalty, so you can take home the perfect little prince or princess.

About Ragdoll Princess: About Us
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